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Celebration of Freedom

Mountain Brook High School Auditorium

Mountain Brook, Alabama

May 28, 2018 at 5:00:00 PM


Alabama Fanfare – Robert W. Smith

The Star Spangled Banner – John Stafford Smith, arranged by Jack Stamp

Shakespeare Pictures – Nigel Hess I. Much Ado About Nothing II. A Winter’s Tale – The Statue III. Julius Caesar – The Entry to the Senate

Stone Gardens – Robert W. Smith Tony Giles, narrator

The Washington Post March – John Philip Sousa

Polka and Fugue – Jaromir Weinberger from “Schwanda the Bagpiper” arranged by Glenn Cliffe Bainum

INTERMISSION 2018 Alabama Winds Scholarship Presentation

Let Freedom Ring – Ryan Nowlin

America, The Beautiful – Samuel Augustus Ward, arranged by Carmen Dragon

Esprit de Corps – Robert Jager

Armed Forces Salute – arranged by Bob Lowden with the 2018 Alabama Winds Scholarship Winners

Third Symphony, Op. 89 – James Barnes III. Mesto (for Natalie) IV. Finale Allegro giocoso

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